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During my life I was surrounded by many animals, this page is dedicated to them, who left an imprint in my heart, and dedicated to their love and liking! 



« God made the cat in order that humankind
might have the pleasure of caressing the tiger »

Fernand Mery


This is Miss, the only cat I had when I lived with my parents.

She was a sweet cat and very playful, she has really left a huge hole in my heart…



One of the many cats of my grandparents: their fantasy to give a name has no limits :) as she was grey they called her Fumina (Small smoke). She was a really tender cat even if she lived outside, freely around the country! She was the only cat that has allowed us to touch and take her puppies! Sweet as honey…



My grandparents live in the country and they always have cats, many of them red. He was Romeo.



A couple of years ago to keep company with Romeo came out of nowhere this miaowing puppy: as Romeo accepted it with no problem, we all thought it was a girl, so named Juliet. When the puppy grew we realized that it was a female not at all!

And Giulietto was (a strange male version of Juliet).





Here I am with Bella (Beauty), my uncle's and grandparents' horse, she had a wonderful character, she was patient but determined, … and sweet!

Horses and cats are my passion ... I love horse's smell ...


Bella,Rame e RockyRocky

Unbelievable but true, Bella (Beauty), the horse, was attached to my grandfather's boar, so allowed they live together and we gave a name to him: Rame (Copper).

The dog is Rocky, a honey-colored mongrel, he always had energy to spare!



This is Rex, my brother enjoyed a lot with him, but he was really a plague/rogue!  



Even if he lived with my grandparents, Bobby was practically my dog. He adored me and during our walks often discovered pheasants and returned happy to me!



Bora (as the cold north-east wind) is a Border collie, she was a gift from my father to my grandfather, for gathering sheeps, a very intelligent and alert breed , very lively!  



This big boy called Rex too, he is a Maremmano, majestic and proud, useful to my old grandfather to keep out from sheeps dangerous animals that live in the country ...


Rum e Birra

My father's dogs: Rum and Birra (Rum and Beer).

His size and his looking can arouse fear, but with persons who knows he is a really good boy; Birra (Beer) is a playful dog and she can't stop a moment!



As long as I lived with my parents fishes, turtles, parrots, canaries are never missed.

Duplo (Yes, as the chocolate!) was a dwarf rabbit and appeared to be a boy, but it was a girl.

White with grey eyes, has been with us for seven long years.



Piddu and Cico, a male the first one and a female second one, were the only two parrots that have really left their mark in our hearts.

They were fantastic. This is the mythical Piddu, who could not love him? We had many laughs with him! He was greedy, curious and talkative!


Chicca e Alex

Here are the turtles Chicca and Alex.



A big kiss to Reno, the first my grandparents' dog I remember, which unfortunately I have no photos ... looked like a mix of a Shepherd of the Caucasus and a German shepherd, he was very sweet and I remember it was really tiring to take a walk with him because I was a little girl and he was so big!


<<...I personally distrust the people who do not like animals...>>