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THE CAT'S PAW impronta

The ancient Egyptians called the cat "myeu", they domesticated their ones living near the Nilo, originally to eradicate the rats that infested the grain stores.
Then, over time, there was no house or temple or building which have not the presence of at least one cat, becoming a sacred animal. When one of these cats died, the Egyptians say that the owner used to shave an eyebrow to show the respect towards this animal.

Continuing with the civilization, however, for centuries it was considered a damn, unbearable animal, that it brought bad luck, associated with witchcraft and misfortune.
Today it was rescued and has increasingly assumed the role of pet: independent and rebellious, he agreed to live in harmony under one roof with the man just to have a more comfortable life.

« Cats as a class, have never completely got over the snootiness
caused by that fact that in Ancient Egypt they were worshipped as gods »

P. G. Wodehouse

The cat lovers claim to talk to their cats and they are right, the cat in fact, very expressive, it know and understand, he has got a large range of sounds, gestures, rituals and habits that make up a common framework refined and complex.
It therefore seems essential to man, used to name things, find one for this friend.

MAINE COON MANIA bandiera maine coon

<< One must love a cat on its own terms >
Peter Gray

"Maine Coon" means "raccoon of Maine" because one tells it is the fruit of love (not genetically) between a raccoon and a cat of Maine (U.S.A. state), a legend surely due to the long and bushy coat tail that characterizes this cat

Another legend, but more realistic, about the origin of this breed starring Queen Marie Antoinette. It seems that at the outbreak of revolutionary movements, the royal family had arranged a flight overseas. To make the trip faster, the Queen would send to America some of her beloved Angora cats. As we know, Marie Antoinette was guillotined in 1793, but it seems that her cats have been mated with the robust wild cats of North America so to form the new race.

In 1953 a group of American breeders formalizes the breed with the foundation of the Central Maine Coon Cat Club in Maine state. In Italy this race came in the 80s, in 1985 it was also recognized by the Italian Federation Feline.

It 's a natural breed, and this means that its characteristics were obtained through a series of spontaneous genetic mutations, a race created by Mother Nature, that man is limited simply to maintain or improve.
Its development is very slow, it reaches full maturity at four years.
He has the hair covered with a natural substance that makes it waterproof and prevents it from knotting and shrink, thereby maintaining a hair always tidy, however it must be combed regularly.
The special marks of this wonderful breed are primarily the large size, we reiterate that it is the world's largest cat, then surely the long bushy tail, big ears with tufts of hair at the end (like lynx, in fact they called “lynx tips”) and tufts interdigital hair.

He Becomes attached to his human friend, which follows like a shadow speaking. Docile, particularly suited to play with children, is a great lover of the quiet living room. Dowry is patience: he prefers go away but not reacting with showing off the nails, waiting  for right time to return.
It 's a balanced cat, allergic to loneliness, he prefers to rest in the same room where his friends are living.
Discreet but ever present, intelligent and proud, affectionate, like a shadow follows you looking for your company.

On 14th January  2007 was born the first Maine Coon Italian Club initiative of a group of friends breeders,

<<The Maine Coon is like a chocolate... looking good inside and out!>


    * How many bones has a cat?

279 bones
The cat has more bones than humans, which has about 210, this leads to more refined movements because there are more joints.

20 to 24 bones in the tail

The complexity of this appendix is aimed at the high mobility of the cat is capable and can use it as a tool for balance.

50 to 54 vertebrae

This allows the typical twists and arched, closely attached to each other, form a structure capable of withstanding the shocks received as a result of falls.

    * How many heartbeats per minute has the cat?

At rest the heart beats 120-150 times a minute, that of a man 60-100.

    * Cats have more teeth of dogs?

No, cats have 30 permanent teeth, dogs 40.

    * What does the cat do during the day?

On average, in 24 hours, 15 are reserved for sleep, 6 to toilet and games, the remaining 3 to jelly and exploration.

    * Why the cat always falls on feet?

Among the various skills that the cat is falling still standing, because, in the vestibule of the ear, has a highly refined system that allows, in case of fall, to study the height and speed which is the best possible posture for landing: this sort of microcomputers suggests the exact position to be taken to avoid damage of impact.

    * Opposites ...

The world's smallest cat is the Singapura, the biggest is the Maine Coon.

    * When did the first cat show hold?

In 1871 the Crystal Palace in London. It was organized by a great lover of cats Harrison William Weir (artist, 1824-1906).

    * Studies

According to recent studies conducted by the University of Minnesota on a sample of over 4000 people, it seems that owning a cat minimize the risk of heart attack: as it would be stress reduction and the natural serenity of a calm transmitted from purrs to relax the nerves and stressed people inclining to infarction.

Calculate approximately the age of a cat:
CAT      VS               HUMAN
1 MONTH            6 MONTHS

2 MONTHS          1 YEAR                
1 YEAR                 18 YEARS
2 YEARS               25 YEARS
5 YEARS               40 YEARS
10 YEARS             60 YEARS
15 YEARS             80 YEARS


(From "One Hundred ways to cat to train your human” by Celia Haddon)

Dogs may have a master. We cats have consultants. This is the prerequisite for a good relationship between us and humans.

In centuries of domestication by the cats, humans have largely lost their sense of smell. The very evident messages fragrant that we send rubbing against their legs and using fingernails remain for their as a dead letter.
They don’t understand that is our way to transform a house into a home and mix them with our smell.

Be unpredictable. One day, cover human with attentions and the day after ignore it. The fickleness works better than regularity. Or, as is postulated in theory, a program of intermittent rewards is more effective than a continuous series of rewards.

Humans love to be pampered. Reward them purring, giving some pat with head and rubbing against their legs. Left as a token of love a nice pile of hair on their new clothes. They deserve it.

Do not forget to "making pasta" on their bellies. Humans are in stock jujube face of this puppies gesture, but they are also extremely painful. Enjoy their expression: a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Sit on the paper that your human is reading. Be careful to cover the article interested.

Humans hunt in supermarkets and return with food for you. And your job is train them to choose the right brand through positive reinforcement. Do purring loudly eating costly food, snubbed the cheaply one.

The stolen food is better. Grabbed sandwiches, roast, cake and even the dome-shaped cake just before the beginning of the Christmas dinner. Your human will understand that cats want to celebrate the holidays!

Claiming your spaces. Don’t be selfish. When you are out on patrol or engaged in some other activity, please leave your human to use the armchair. What matters is that it immediately goes away when you arrive and want to sit.

Play with shoelaces human. Will be even nicer in the morning when it is already late to work.

Dogs must understand that you are the boss, the leaders with nine lives (one life like them not at all). Grabbed their food. Sleep in their kennels. Make faces to them from a tree branch or roof of the house. Let them live in constant alert for fear of your ambush. Always prohibited them to access to your human. Cats are to command, right?!

If the pair human disturb your sleep, taken a hard line. Put an end to these troubles sleeping among the partners. If necessary, compel to move either.


Gatto (Italian) = Cat

Ozio (=Leisure)



<<A cat, I know
can’t be a fur ball of anyone>>
Joseph Epstein

General Advices

Educating a cat means afford to live a life’s cat in a human’s environment, in harmony and respect for differences between the two species. So, educate to coexist and interact properly.

The cat doesn’t live with the man in a dominance hierarchy: it is neither submissive nor dominant, but the absence of hierarchy doesn’t mean the absence of authority.
The relationship between the cat and his teacher must necessarily be set on sincere and true love relationship. The best teacher is one who comes to avoid problems: to do this must provide for the intentions of the cat, so we must know him very well.
The cat doesn’t understand human verbal language (as the man's towards cat!), but some words symbol which associates a situation, behavior, satisfaction, pleasure. Verbal language is also accompanied by a melody of sounds: the intonation and rhythm provide additional information to the cat.
The cat is perfectly able of learning to respond to own name, but rarely consider it necessary to do.
Don’t let the kitten things that will refuse to do later! Must be consistent, so don’t create confusion in him.
To educate your cat used to follow certain basic principles that are being discounted but not always actually implemented: you must have really wanted to teach something and decide to set aside time to do so, we must learn the basic language of the cat , that is how it communicates with us and with the outside world and we must respect the cat's age and not expect things from him too complicated for its ability aptitude, you must use the factor rewards for positive behaviors.
It’s true that races are different ones from each other, but choose a cat based on an alleged racial behavior is correct only in part, in fact all behaviors have influences both from hereditary, only about 30%, and from the environment and learning, about 70%. Petting the pregnant cat in fact, handle the kittens since birth, touch them, turn them, to snuggle them, inhibit the shots of nails and teeth: all this behaviours make a huge difference to making a balanced or frightened, intolerant, aggressive or peaceful cat.
The demonstration of friendship and / or affection is accompanied by rubbing the cheeks, back and base of the tail, so the cat deposits marks odorous signs that familiarization appeasement.  When stressed, both cats and humans, the contact with something or someone loved or know give a state of wellness, relaxation.
Often in the adult cat there are some attitudes that we think only being puppy such as “doing pasta”, for example, however, has the same simple purpose of a brand family: it calms and reduces anxiety.
For the cat, a man, a woman, a teenager, a child, and an infant are different species. To a good socialization would be required contacts with each of these "species".
Whatever lifestyle has our cat, if we put ourselves in his shoes and try to see things from his point of view, we improve our chances of doing the right thing. Cats have many talents, including adaptability, this is one of the reasons why they are so popular.
Many cats derive great pleasure from social interactions with members of their species and it is always be important to remembering that there are no two individual alike.
Important is that the number of cats is suitable for the environment: There are no rules for calculating the "number of cats per square meter," just common sense.
To live together peacefully so we must educate them, and it is never too late!

<<For a cat, among all games no one has done better than a human.
It 's a toy that can be used in many ways
and component parts can be oriented in any direction.
Is delivered fully assembled and when he jumps on it gives out Sounds>

Stephen Baker

Practical advices

The cat basket is often used only to bring it to the vet, so becomes a symbol of suffering and stress and only its sight causes fear. To avoid this it is sufficient, or at least help, leaving it always open, in a place where cat can go, get in a game and sometimes a croquette, then let the cat enter whenever he wants.
This beautiful animal is a born climber, not be content to walk on land, but will explore all levels, so give them the opportunity to do so by purchasing special "scratch", possibly more than one and in different areas of the house, very welcome from floor to ceiling.


Be careful to provide different tastes and textures of food, to avoid becoming a whimsical cat and so having a healthy and complete diet.
The use of ammonia and chlorine products to clean areas contaminated by its pee is absolutely not recommended because these odors attract him because such its pee’s smell.
Warning to those who like a green thumb, some plants are poisonous to our friends, so before buying a plant let inform !
The cat sees ten times better than humans in terms of gloom, so don’t worry about leaving it in the dark! It is the animal of the night par excellence.


"One hundred ways to cat to train own human” by Celia Haddon
 "The education of the cat" by Joёl Dehasse


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