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« World belongs to cats
they allow us to hold them only to let us feel important »



Our family is composed by me, my name is Nicole, my boyfriend Andrea, and our hair balls Deep and Diuna,  two Maine Coon cats.

I grew up among animals, from childhood I have always loved and respected them and I have been surrounded by them everywhere I’ve been: dogs, cats, horses and several farm animals at my grandparents' house in the countryside, while, at my home a cat
, a dwarf rabbit, "inseparable" parrots, turtles and fishes.

So when I went to live with Andrea in a house without animals, I did not feel "at home" ...

« A home without a cat is just a house! »

Our story began in 2008, when, after two long years trying to convince him to get a kitten, one day we decided to go together to see a cat exhibition.

I already knew the Maine Coon, regal and charming, in fact I always had a preference for wild look, so when Andrea told me "Ok. If you really want a cat we take a race cat: we take a Maine Coon" …Said ...and done!

I studied a lot the character of this great race in order to see if it was going to go well with ours…we had a clear idea about sex and color! And after several searches, as you can see, here is our beautiful Deep!



A year later, Deep’s fabulous character  and others situations, made us take the decision to get a sweet partner for him, to keep company to him, so we tried to live the responsible and fantastic experience that it is raising a litter.

To our satisfaction we found the same wonderful qualities in our sweet Diuna too!


And here we are!

Welcome to our world!

Nicole, Andrea, D&D

« I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult.
It's not. Mine had me trained in two days! »

B. Dana


Our cats live at home with us, they are part of the family and treated as it, our time is for them and they have all our love. Never use any type of cage!
They always have good quality food and scratching posts and suitable toys for their needs.

Our cats are very quiet, good and loving, with a character that really reflects the nickname given to the Maine Coon "the gentle giant", all combined with a peaceful family atmosphere, allows us to aspire to puppies with the same great features character, very important factors for families with children and / or apartment living.

They are regularly monitored by our veterinaries, vaccinated with the "quadrivalent ' and they are all tested HCM, FIV, FELV, PKD, SMA, and regularly
subjected to echocardiographic. All tests are visible in cattery

We give our kittens at 3 months of age, already wormed and vaccinated, with AGI pedigree, microchip, medical records and health certificate.

We think we are a serious and scrupulous cattery, we look for our cats health care and needs and we would like to sell our kittens to good families only: people who love animals and that always take
care of them, for these reasons we would like to be in contact with the new owners in order to be able to follow the growth of our kittens.

We and our cats, we are associated with AGI, Cats Association of Italy, which is part of the WCF World Cat Federation group.

io e Deep
Deep and me
io Diuna e Deep
Diuna, Deep and me


We live in Faenza, in Ravenna province, a Romagna town famous for its pottery and its Palio.

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Our home in spring

casa casa

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